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What it does: Episerver is a global software company that offers digital marketing, digital commerce and web content management to help organisations create a personalised digital experience for their customers.

Staff stats: Around 800 globally.

The good bits: A creative workplace where new ideas are welcome. Newcomers receive sufficient support from colleagues and managers. Snacks are always available in the kitchen during work hours.

The not so good bits: Unsatisfactory performance can lead to strict measures by supervisors and managers. Lack of coordination among departments sometimes leads to conflict.

The Episerver story

Initially known as Elektropost Stockholm AB, Episerver started with a focus on email services. Over the course of years, Episerver changed ownership and evolved to become a renowned global company with offices in the USA,  Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Spain, UAE, the UK, and Vietnam.

Currently, Episerver hosts 30,000 websites on its content management system (CMS). In addition, Episerver has over 150 machine learning algorithms that track user behaviour on websites and suggest products with regard to the data collected through algorithms.  

Recruitment process

Episerver hires two ways: online and via recruiters. Recruiters discuss job specifications with interested candidates, help candidates with the application process and arrange interviews.

Online, Episerver posts vacancies on its career page where interested candidates can apply. Shortlisted candidates are called for interviews, and at times, the first interview is a phone interview. Following this, candidates may be required to operate certain software. This is usually the case for software engineering positions. Past candidates have said that interviews are easy and if well-prepared, a good number of candidates pass this stage. 

Career prospects

Episerver is a challenging place for fresh talent and owing to their changing technology and work environment, graduates may find it hard to adjust initially. 

The culture

Episerver’s workplaces are challenging, with highly competitive departments. This is said to affect employees and it is said that only people with strong personalities and attitude flourish at Episerver. It’s claimed that Episerver’s employees don’t stick with the company for a very long time and prefer to change employers when presented with an opportunity. However, employees also report that it is an innovative, flexible and creative place to work.  

Episerver’s competitors

Well-known competitors include Sitecore, Adobe, Oracle, Kentico Software, Acquia, and Umbraco.

The vibe of the place

To be able to survive in a highly competitive workplace like Episerver, it is imperative that graduates have grit and the ability to deal with uncertainties, a last-minute change of plans, and inter-department conflicts. For higher positions, however, the pressure comparatively reduces and incentives increase.

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