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What it does: Industrial production of liquid and gaseous chemicals including argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, dry ice, oxygen and nitrogen.

Best known for: Linde is among the world’s biggest chemical companies with pro-forma sales of US$28 billion as of 2018.

Staff stats: Approximately 80,000 employees.

The good bits: Linde provides employees with the chance to work overseas on a short- or long-term arrangement.

The not so good bits: Work-life balance seems to be an issue, especially for employees in the engineering and operations department. The 24-hour operations cause irregular work hours for them.

The Linde story

Linde heritage dates back to 1879 when Carl von Linde established the Gesellschaft für Linde's Eismaschinen in Germany. The company initially focused on mechanical refrigeration systems for the beer brewing industry. By late 2018, the present company emerged as the resulting entity from a merger of equals between Germany-based Linde AG and American company Praxair.

The group trades their shares in Germany’s DAX 30 and the S&P 500 stock market index in the USA. Their global operations span more than 100 countries following the business combination of Linde AG and Praxair.

The recruitment process

Linde follows a five-step hiring system beginning with an applicant’s job search. You’ll receive a confirmation email after submitting a CV, motivation letter and other specific documents (eg academic records). The company will invite shortlisted candidates to an initial interview, which can be done over the phone or via video chat. An HR representative and a member of your prospective department may conduct the interview. There might be one or two more interviews where you would need to prove your skills.


The company prefers to receive applications through email. You should mention your available date of joining Linde in your cover letter. CVs should be in a tabular format highlighting your academic background, relevant skills or work experience, and copies of school reports, certifications and reference letters.


The hiring process for the graduate engineering trainee (GET) programme can take up to four weeks on average. Most individuals fail to move on from the next stage because of the tedious aptitude test. A group discussion awaits if you pass the exam followed by a one-on-one interview.


The company may process applications within two months. Be prepared to walk away if you dislike the job offer. Linde may be unwilling to go back and forth with negotiations.


Applicants for the undergraduate program should expect to travel at least two hours if the company invites them for a 30-minute interview. The initial test will involve questions about logic and reasoning, followed by an in-person interview.

South Africa

Applications can last up to two months with a phone interview, video chat, cognitive exams and a personal interview.

Career prospects

Linde offers several options for employees to develop their career from overseas work assignments to employee development programs. Students and graduates can also choose from different roles: corporate, engineers and technicians, healthcare, operational staff, and sales and customer service.

The company accepts students for internships at any of their offices worldwide, depending on the availability of positions. Working students can divide their time between their studies and a part-time position at The Linde Group. You’ll work for an agreed-upon number of hours during your semester break or free time from school.

Experienced professionals at the company can even mentor students on specific thesis subjects, which can be a good way to build connections with Linde. Apprenticeships and cooperative studies serve as another way to join the group, but the company only offers these programmes in select regions (eg Germany).


Linde offers flexible working hours and up to 30 vacation days for interns and permanent employees. The actual compensation can vary based on your location:


Graduate trainees earn between A$70,000 and $75,000 on average per year. There’s an employee discount program, maternity and paternity leave benefits among other standard benefits.


Not much is known about the compensation structure of Linde in Bangladesh. Some employees reportedly have health insurance. If you want a higher salary after your first year at the company, you should define a clear set of goals and development measures with your manager.


GET employees earn an average of INR26,000 to INR40,000 per month. The company pays between INR10,000 and INR11,000 on average per month for interns. Some of the benefits include health and dental insurance for employees and their families, pension plan and performance bonuses, maternity and paternity leave, bereavement and sick leave.


Financial analysts at the company earn between Php48,000 and Php52,000 per month, but this range applies to experienced professionals. Interns and trainees usually don’t receive salaries, but this is the case not only in this company but also in other employers in the country. Linde’s benefits include performance bonuses, health and life insurance, dental and vision coverage, pension and retirement plans, paid time off, bereavement and sick leave.


Associates earn S$3,000 per month on average. Some employees say that the company offers free health and travel insurance, gym subsidies, medical reimbursements and sponsored mobile devices.

The culture

Linde’s global operations allow employees to expand their networks in a multicultural setting. The company observes work-life balance, except when you are stationed at the industrial sites. Round-the-clock operations mean unpredictable working hours for some employees, particularly in Bangladesh. The company has 24-hour operations at three major locations, so you should expect irregular working hours if you are stationed at any of these sites.

Employees in India recognise the learning opportunities from being exposed to other international operations. Be prepared for office politics once you pursue a management role. Work-life balance also tends to suffer for those who work in the engineering and operations department. In the Philippines, some employees say that advancing their careers can take several years.

The competition

Linde’s top competitors include BASF, Dow, LyondellBasell, SABIC and Sinopec.

The vibe of the place

Those who want to join Linde should prepare to deal with a complex hierarchy, which is common for multinational companies. Work-life balance seems uneven depending on the role. The lack of salary information can also affect a graduate’s chances of negotiating a higher salary. There are many learning opportunities at the company if you’re willing to overlook the negative aspects. An overseas stint at another Linde office can be significantly helpful to your resume.

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